Our creative team

Optus group has a dynamic and experienced management team, with board of directors mainly from the family. Every member is clear with the objective for growth and profitability.

Each Director is accountable for the results of their unit. It is a flat organization, with quick formulation & implementation of plans and strategies.

The market leadership carved by the company is mainly due to the young and dynamic work force, led under the cohesive direction of a dedicated management team – taking the group to greater heights.

The team is always on the look, for better opportunities and has capabilities to exploit it to the fullest.

Accountability and Agility

Every director is accountable for the results of their respective units. The organization follows a flat structure, enabling quick formulation and implementation of plans and strategies.

Dynamic Workforce

The market leadership achieved by the company is primarily attributed to the young and dynamic workforce, guided by the cohesive direction of the dedicated management team. Together, they propel the group to greater heights.

Seizing Opportunities

The team at Optus is always on the lookout for better opportunities and possesses the capabilities to fully exploit them. They embrace a proactive approach to capitalize on market possibilities.

Meet Our Directors

Mr. Kamal Jain - Director

Mr. Kamal Jain, a pillar of the Optus Group, brings his 40 years of experience in the textile industry. Alongside his professional pursuits, he enjoys hobbies such as reading, practicing yoga, and solving Sudoku puzzles, reflecting his diverse interests and commitment to personal growth.

Mr. Vikas Jain - Director

Mr. Vikas Jain, an MBA graduate from Melbourne Business School, Australia, is highly motivated and passionate about his work. When he's not driving Optus to greater heights, he enjoys playing cricket and going on adventurous treks, embracing an active lifestyle.