Optus impex garment manufacturing Division and fashion export house.

We are a leading fashion garment manufacturing company and an export house formed in year 2019. We have proudly established ourselves as the go-to destination for comprehensive solutions in the women's apparel industry. We are your one-stop solution, offering end-to-end services to fashion brands looking to make their mark. We are one of the earliest to provide diverse fabrics, trims, and accessories while manufacturing garments right here in India and delivering at your doorstep.

Global Reach, Local Expertise

As an export house, we extend our influence beyond Indian borders, serving international clients with the same dedication and excellence that have become our hallmark. Our garments find homes in the wardrobes of fashion-forward individuals across the world, as we continue to expand our global presence.

Curating Couture

Drawing inspiration from the latest trends and mood boards, Optus Impex has a passion for creating couture collections that captivate and inspire. Our commitment to staying ahead of the fashion curve ensures that we offer you the freshest, most captivating styles. With a passion for textiles, an eye for detail, and a commitment to quality, we craft a wide range of woven and knit products that include blouses, dresses, shirts, kimonos, t-shirts, jackets, shorts, fluid pants, kaftans, wrap-arounds, scarfs, and so much more.

Manufacturing Excellence

We take great pride in our collaborations with various factories, exclusively dedicated to producing our designs. These partnerships allow us to maintain strict quality control and ensure that each piece meets our high standards of craftsmanship.

Production Capacity

Our production capacity speaks volumes about our commitment to delivering your orders promptly. We have the capability to produce up to 35,000 units of woven products and 50,000 units of jersey products per month. This capacity can be scaled up significantly to meet your requirements, ensuring that your fashion needs are met efficiently and effectively.

SEDEX Certified

We understand the importance of ethical and responsible business practices. As evidence of our commitment, we hold a SEDEX Company Reference - ZC: 419187671, which reflects our dedication to ethical sourcing and manufacturing.

Join Us in the World of Optus Impex

Explore our extensive range of products, from timeless classics to the latest runway-inspired designs. Whether you're a domestic brand in India or an international buyer, we're here to elevate your fashion experience.

Discover the future of fashion with us

Women’s Wear Range

Casual Wear
Find trousers, pants, denim jeans, pajama sets, swimwear, and dresses.
Under Garments
Discover comfortable and functional undergarments for men and women.
Seamless Garments
Experience smooth and comfortable seamless garments.
Dress Shirts
Explore stylish and formal dress shirts for various occasions.
Tops & Shorts
Get casual and sporty tops and shorts.
Formal Wear
Choose from our well-tailored garments for business and formal events.
Knitted T-shirts
Enjoy comfortable and versatile knitted t-shirts.
Sports Wear
Find athletic garments for comfort and flexibility.
Discover a variety of jackets for different seasons and styles.
Night Wear
Relax in comfortable and stylish night wear options.
Stay cozy and stylish with our fashionable sweaters.